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Watch The Monkees online: Episode 4 Your Friendly Neighborhood Kidnappers

The Monkees and The Four Swines reach the finals in a recording contest, whereupon, in an incident instigated by The Swines and their manager, Nick Trump, The Monkees' performance is interrupted by a rendition of Beethoven's Fifth Symphony. Trump tells The Monkees that, because the judges dug Beethoven, they have made the finals and he will get publicity for them. His first stunt goes wrong when girls assigned to rip off Davy's clothes at the Vincent Van Gogh-Gogh Discotheque proceed to do the job on Lester Crabtree, a stodgy businessman. His second stunt goes awry when cement The Monkees put their hands in front of The Chinese Theater (on whose marquis The Monkees are listed as The Machie: Dourantse, Dork, Juhans and Nazemize!) happens to be quick-drying, and they become stuck, only to be released by the blow of Trump's sledgehammer. Then Trump arranges for The Monkees to be kidnapped by two hoods, Horace and George, assuring the kidnapping will make the front pages. Horace and George

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