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Watch The Monkees online: Episode 1 The Royal Flush

After saving Princess Bettina, the Duchess of Harmonica from drowning, Davy realizes her archduke uncle Otto and his aide, Sigmund, plan to kill the Princess and take over her country. With Mike, Micky and Peter, Davy checks into a suite next to the Royal Suite at The Ritz Swank hotel. Impressing the chambermaid, Mike, masquerading as building inspector W.H. Woolhat, advises her to work hard, play hard, and get plenty of roughage in her diet in that she may own the hotel someday. He also tells her to buy International Steel at 28 1/2, as a tip. Posing as salesmen for a line of thrones and royalty supplies, Mike, Micky and Peter lure Otto and Sigmund into their suite, while Davy convinces Bettina of her uncle's wretched plan. Told her uncle, as region, controls everything until she becomes queen upon her 18th birthday tomorrow, when there will be a ball which will mark her accession to her throne, Davy decides to keep her out of circulation until midnight, and he escapes with her. After

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