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Watch Boarding House North Shore online: Episode 2 Episode 2

Veronica finds out that partying doesn't pay when she shows up for the first round of the Vans Triple Crown, fails miserably and winds up in last place. Meanwhile, Holly's very unpopular, all-work-and-no-play approach to surfing lands her in first place. However, Holly's friendship with Veronica is not on a winning streak. While Holly pretends to have a genuine connection with Veronica when they are in the same room, as soon as VK is gone, Holly has no problem talking openly about her the lack of respect for girls who use surfing to get ahead in modeling. Danny and Chelsea keep a low profile, while Damien, a native of Florida and a virtual newcomer to huge North Shore surf must face his trepidation as he prepares to go up against Sunny for the first time in his life. Meanwhile, Sunny seems to be clocking in a punch-out or brawl per day. It seems as if, no one is immune from his jealousy and rage. Of course, all that pent up aggression does work to his advantage in the water and despi

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