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Watch Trinity online: Episode 3 No Secrets

Bobby and Damiana interrogate a bar karaoke announcer, Raphael, about the disappearance of his boss. Raphael insists he's alive, as he had always talked about starting life over. Eileen contemplates starting her own life over by going back to work. Amanda has a spat with her after Eileen asks if she's put on weight. Liam tries to talk Simon and Joe into going thirds on a run-down houseboat he wants to fix up. Amanda begs Fiona to let her crash at her place for a while, but Fiona is reluctant due to trouble Amanda caused there previously. To change her mind, Amanda admits that she's pregnant. Damiana suspects Mr. Karaoke might have murdered his boss, but before she and Bobby can look into it, they get intercepted by FBI Agents Quindlen and Lamott, who want to talk to Bobby alone. A parish priest, Father John, introduces Kevin to his old friend and new arrival, Father Peter Castoro. The agents tell Bobby that Billy is a privileged informant, and ratted him out for not following proper pr

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