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Watch Trinity online: Episode 2 In a Yellow Wood

Bobby roughs up an associate of Bingham's, and asks the man where his friend is. Kevin wants Amanda to get an official pregnancy test. Fiona has it out with Josh after he reassigns some of her accounts to other brokers in the firm. One of the kids Kevin coaches in basketball, Tommy, is having problems. The McCallisters go to a wedding, and Liam brings a deckhand friend, Joe, who has a thing for Fiona. Clarissa is angry at Bobby because he showed up late to the wedding due to work -- a situation that's not helped any when Lt. Wade calls him out of the wedding to guard a prisoner with Damiana. Amanda's test results confirm she is pregnant. Kevin catches Tommy stealing from the church, but doesn't punish him. Fiona and Joe have an intimate talk after the wedding, and end up falling in love. Amanda goes to a bar to see her boyfriend, Niall, perform with his band; she suspects he might be the father. Liam pays a visit to a construction head Jerry is working with -- who proves to Liam that h

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