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Watch Spellbinder online: Episode 1 The Trans-Dimensional Bamboo Boat

The Morgan Family is on vacation -- they choose to camp out in the ""Bush"" For a couple of weeks to have some real family time. The Morgans have 2 kids Kathy and Josh. Josh pulls a prank on Kathy and she runs off. In the Land of the Dragonlord scholar Meck has finished his latest invention -- a trans dimensional boat -- a boat in which he believes if he sets the musical jewels to the correct settings it will allow him to use the frequency to transport himself to parallel worlds.He does this against the Dragonlords orders. He tries it out anyways and finds himself in another world. Kathy is still angry at Josh -- she sees a light appear out of nowhere on the lake. She goes to investigate only to see a chinese looking man next to a weird boat. after an accidental scare scholar meck and Kathy get transported to another dimension - a dimension unknown to them -- the parallel universe of the Spellbinder!

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