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Watch Spellbinder online: Episode 21 Hunt For Ashka

Ashka is having a hard time in Paul's world. She uses the power suit in an electrical store and all of the appliances go haywire. Paul sees a report about the event and realizes that a Spellbinder must be in his world - Ashka. At school, Katrina finds Paul and Alex in the science lab, building two electromagnetic detectors. She suspects what they are up to, but they deny it. She decides to search on her own. Katrina visits the electrical shop where Ashka used her power suit and follows the magnetic signposts Ashka has left. Katrina finds Ashka who discovers that Katrina was a friend of Paul's and can be very useful to her. Ashka makes up a story about needing medicines to combat an epidemic in her world. Katrina agrees to help her. Katrina helps Ashka rent a hotel room where she learns about this world. Ashka decides to rob an armored car using her power suit. Paul and Alex detect the event and head for the city.

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