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Watch Spellbinder online: Episode 19 Reunions

Paul convinces Brian that he is going fishing for the weekend with Alex and his father, when he is really planning on going back to the Spellbinder's world. When Paul and Riana arrive at the cave, they use the radio to contact Correon. Correon opens the doorway and they step through to Riana's world. Correon tells them that Ashka is still at large, but poses no threat to the Spellbinders. Correon reveals that he has Paul's video camera with him. Paul starts filming proceedings so that he will have some proof for Katrina. Gryvon sneaks away and goes to Ashka who is hiding out in the forest. Ashka realizes that this is her last chance to get the gunpowder formula from Paul. Gryvon lures Paul to the outskirts of Clayhill where Ashka captures him.

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