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Watch Spellbinder online: Episode 14 Lost and Found

As Paul pulls Riana into his world, Ashka fires a bolt of energy which destroys the Summoning Tower. The doorway closes behind Riana, stranding her in Paul's world. Leaving the two-way radio set up so that Correon can contact them when he has rebuilt the Tower, they start walking to the railway station, where Riana gets lost. Paul is adamant that Katrina and Alex keep the Spellbinders' world a secret. They make a promise but Katrina is not happy. Paul and Alex go to Paul's home to get help in finding Riana but the police are there, having been alerted by a woman who recognized Paul on the train. Paul tells Alex to take the power suit and goes to meet his father. Wandering through the city, Riana' s odd behavior attracts unwanted attention. She has some fun, but mostly frightening experiences. She is chased and in desperation, takes refuge by climbing a building.

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