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Watch Spellbinder online: Episode 11 Centre Of Power

Ashka takes over Correon's position and settles into his rooms. She demands that Paul tell her how to make gunpowder but he gives her another incorrect formula. Correon returns to the Spellbinder castle to take his position but has to duel with Ashka. Gryvon rigs the duel so that Correon loses. Paul pleads for Correon's life to be spared, in return he will give them the formula for gunpowder. Correon gets banished into the wasteland. Riana is now the only hope of saving Paul and Correon. She is hiding outside the castle. Katrina and Alex try again to make radio contact with Paul. Their transmission comes through Gryvon's Eyestone and Paul yells back that he is being held prisoner. Paul is administered with a truth potion which was stolen from the Marauders. Ashka interrogates Paul under the influence of the truth drug and discovers that he has no practical knowledge about the weapons of the world. Riana disguises herself as a servant and sneaks into the castle. Together she and Paul ov

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