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Watch Spellbinder online: Episode 10 Desperate Measures

Paul makes his way back to the cave, this time with a chain which will act as a conductor to create an electrical surge and help him return home. Paul's friends back home, Alex and Katrina, try again to make radio contact with Paul. They set up a two-way radio and make contact through Ashka's Eyestone. Alex and Katrina pick up that Paul is in trouble and transmit a warning to him. Paul hears the warning but is out of the labyrinth, making his way back to the cave. He fears for his new found friends safety so returns to the labyrinth to save them. The Spellbinders pursue Paul and his friends through the labyrinth, eventually capturing Paul and flying him back to their castle. Ashka wants to take Correon's position as a Regent, so misinforms all that he has been killed by Marauders. Ashka gets elected to the Council of Regents in Correon's place.

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