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Watch Spellbinder online: Episode 7 The Gunpowder Plot

Gryvon takes Paul to an unused part of the castle and insists he teach him how to make gunpowder. Meanwhile, Riana has convinced Correon that Paul has been abducted and they set off in search of him. They find Paul demonstrating the destructive power of gunpowder to Gryvon and Ashka. Once they know how to make their own gunpowder, Gryvon and Ashka are no longer interested in helping Paul. However, Paul had grown suspicious of Gryvon and Ashka and had given them false instructions, so their gunpowder won't work. Correon, having observed the strength of the gunpowder, realizes that Paul's knowledge is too dangerous for their world and insists on helping him return to his world. Correon lures Ashka back to the castle and captures Gryvon.

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