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Watch Spellbinder online: Episode 5 Secrets

Paul is brought before the Council of Regents in the Spellbinders' castle and is found guilty of stealing an Eyestone. He is banished to the wastelands for breaking Spellbinder law. One Spellbinder named Ashka is curious about Paul and is sympathetic to his story. She tries to convince the Council of his innocence. As a result, Paul is put in a cell while the Council decides what to do with him. Riana is making her way to the Spellbinder castle in an attempt to return Paul's video tape to him, hoping this will help him convince the Spellbinders that he is from another world. Meanwhile, Paul's family, friends and the police are still desperately looking for him back in his own world. One girl, Katrina, is convinced he has gone into a parallel universe but no one will believe her.

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