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Watch Spellbinder online: Episode 4 It Isn't Magic, It's Science

Riana arranges it so that Paul can live and work in her village, but he finds the work in the fields unnecessarily difficult. Riana explains that things must be done according to the Spellbinders' instructions. Paul becomes skeptical about the Spellbinders' powers and soon realizes that they are using science, not magic,to appear powerful. The power suits that they wear have some kind of electrical energy. Paul tries to explain to the local Spellbinder, Gryvon, that he is from another world. He shows him things he has brought from his world and asks for some help to get home, but Gryvon accuses him of breaking Spellbinder law. Paul gets an opportunity to show off his unique talents by making fireworks to save the village from ravaging Marauders, but Gryvon takes him away to be judged.

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