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Watch Crossroads 2003 online: Episode 22 Episode 22

Phil is still having trouble adapting to life with a baby and tells Belle & Lola that she's thinking of having him adopted. She talks to Kate and tells her how she is feeling, Kate tells her about her past and about what her mother did. After this Phil decides to go and see her mum, Wanda, in prison to get some advice. Wanda seems less than interested in what Phil wants and tells her to keep the baby because she will be able to get a council flat a lot easier, like she did with her children. Phil ends up getting angry with Wanda and decides that she is going to keep her baby despite what Wanda had just said. While Phil is visiting her mother, Lola is supposed to be looking after the baby. She asks Belle to look after him while she gets some lunch – Ryan! The go to have fun in a room and accidentally crush Jimmy's sketches, he walks in thinking that Ryan has done it on purpose. While Belle should be looking after the baby she decides to leave him in his cot asleep and go for lunch.

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