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Watch Crossroads 2003 online: Episode 17 Episode 17

Max is angry with Ryan & Jimmy for there cheating last night meanwhile Angel tells Max that Lady Alice will pay for what she said about her family! Max and Angel discuss a way to get back at Lady Alice – get someone to steal her paintings and make it look like an inside job. Angel visits Lady Alice and puts the plan in to action by unlocking her downstairs window. The only problem now is who is going to steal the paintings? Angel flirts with Joe and rips of her top but when they kiss she turns on him wanting to know what the hell he's doing. Angel threatens Joe with the police and tells him no one will believe that she wanted him, Joe asks what she wants from him and they agree to meet up in an hour where Max tells Joe that he's to steal the paintings and replace them with 4 Jack playing cards. Tracey, Dave & Oona organize a party for Scott at the pub however Scott has been bullied at School again and Kate finds him in the Crossroads staff room. Scott doesn't want to go to the par

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