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Phil tells Belle & Lola that she wants them all to go and see there mum in prison but they don't want to go, and Phil's to scared to go on her own! Phil has a really bad day thinking about it and finally asks Joe if he will give her a lift to the prison that afternoon and he agrees to take her! Kate has moved out of the hotel and is now at the pub, she's staying in Dave & Oona's very small spare room! Dave decides to make the place more homely by tiding away all Kate's belongings, much to her annoyance! While Belle is cleaning a room, she finds a necklace and decides to keep it! She tells Lola that a man gave it to her but when Max recognizes it he asks for it back – it was Jenny's! Angel decides to give Kate's old apartment a complete refurbish, she asks Joe to clear all Kate's old bits out of there! When Kate grabs a few of her old belongings Joe offers to take them to the pub but Angel catches Joe taken them for her and accidentally on purpose drops Kate's vase. When Kate recei

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