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Lynda anxiously tries to get in to Jeff's room to see Toni but Jeff has barricaded the door with chairs! He's blaming Cleo for ringing Lynda when in fact it was Toni's doing and she does confess to this!! Joe decides that it's his duty to try and save the day so he bashes the door in, grabs Cleo and takes her out to the corridor, which she is not impressed with at all!! Lynda goes straight over to her daughter and then starts arguing with Jeff. Whilst they are arguing over what's wrong and what's right, Toni slips away and when everyone notices that she's gone they start searching for her!! Cleo knows where Toni will be hiding and goes off to find her in the conservatory. They go back to Jeff & Lynda and Toni tells them both that things have to be sorted out! Lynda decides that they should all go back to Jeff's place and that maybe they won't go to New York after all! Looks like they will stay friends and sort things out, a happy ending!! Joe firstly goes snooping around the Sams

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