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Suzie worries about being poor now that Jimmy has decided to leave the family fortune, she calls Max & Angel and arranges to meet them alone. Angel offers Suzie 15,000 and her fare to the station to get out of her sons life. Suzie explains that she won't leave for less than 25, 000, Angel agrees to this but only if she writes a letter to Jimmy explaining that she never loved him etc. Suzie finally agrees to this and writes the letter leaving it on Jimmy's pillow. Unfortunately for Suzie when she gets on the train and opens her case full of 25,000 she realises that she's been done! The case just has a few 20 notes in and the rest is just paper! Well done to the Samson's! Kate finds a discrepancy in the hotel accounts; Jenny Roberts has not paid her bill! Angel panics and asks Max what they can do, he's tells Angel to blame Kate and that the bill was paid in cash! Angel explains this to Kate and the accounts are amended – phew! Looks like Belle and Lola are in trouble when Hele

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