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Jimmy wakes up with no Suzie; she walks in and looks very upset. She tells Jimmy a pack of lies telling him that she accidentally put the earrings in her bra and that she only went in to Angels room because she has never seen anything expensive before. He takes it all as gospel and Suzie even let's slip about her children and her past life. Angel sees them having breakfast a little later and asks if she could have a word with Suzie in private. Angel tells Suzie exactly what she thinks but Suzie is not going anywhere. Angel meets Joe for the first time and agrees to employ him as the gardener/handyman. Max offers Suzie 5,000 to go but she laughs in his face and tells him that she loves Jimmy. In a last bid to let Jimmy know what Suzie is like, Ryan agrees to tell Jimmy that he and Suzie had sex. When he does they fight but he forgives her again. Helen talks to Vince about the fact that she could be pregnant, she explains that she's not ready to be a mother again. While the family a

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