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Max buries Jenny's body under where the statue will be. When he comes in from doing this, Angel shouts at him and tells him not to let his affairs ruin their family. Max is having a statue made for Angel – to show his love for her. He tells Kate that he will deal with all the arrangements. Suzie lays in bed and tells Jimmy that she doesn't want to go to church with all the family and when Angel walks in to their room Jimmy tells her that they won't be going, Angel tells Jimmy that she will see HIM downstairs, Angel makes it quite clear that he has no choice in the matter. Meanwhile, when everyone else is at church, Suzie and Ryan have a snog in the Jacuzzi. Ryan tells Suzie that she is a piece of work and he should tell his brother about her. Gatecrashers Lola and Belle check out the hotel facilities with the stolen credit card. Jimmy tells his family that he has no plans to go back to Uni so Max offers him a job at Crossroads. Suzie sneaks in to Angel's apartment and steals a pair

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