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Watch Safe Harbor online: Episode 11 Boys Will Be Boys

Focuses on the mischievious antics of Chris and Jeff as they run amok, teasing and playing tricks on Jeff's Dad, Grandma, Jamie and various other people. It seems like no one can stop their mischief. However the two boys get their come-uppance at the end when they go to a medievil fair that is in town. A young teenage girl dressed in medievil gear talks the two boys to allow her to lock them up in stocks. They don't suspect anything as she removes their shoes and socks. However when she disappears into a tent and out comes Jeff's Dad with a feather duster and his Grandma waving her long fingernails at them they know something is up. Despite the boy's desperate pleadings, the two adults settle down and begin tickling the boy's feet, helplessly sticking out of the stocks. Grandma's nails work espicially well on Jeff's bare soles, and as the episode finishes the other victims of the boy's pranks during the day come out of the tent and line up to tickle the two boys!

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