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Watch My Favorite Martian online: Episode 23 An Old, Old Friend of the Family

After Martin makes Tim miss a deadline, Martin decides to help Tim get an exclusive interview. Jakobar, the rogue leader of Kobima, is the story's subject matter. Martin is a legend in Kobima and has inside knowledge of Kobiman legend since he was good friends with Jakobar's great-grandfather Kobima, for who the country was named. After displaying the sign of Cocobahn - Martin's name in Kobiman - Jakobar agrees to see Martin. Martin talks Jakobar into making himself accessible to the media, namely Tim, but later reneges since he still has the suspicious mind of an outlaw leader. Martin needs to convince Jakobar to be a more forthright leader for the betterment of Kobima, which will perish as a country otherwise, this strategy which again includes being accessible to the media. Because of Martin's sage advice, Jakobar muses that Martin may actually be Cocobahn.

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