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What is The Outer Limits about?
Anthology type science fiction program with a different cast each week. Tending toward the hard science, space travel, time travel, and human evolution it tries to examine in each show some form of the question, "What is the nature of man?"

Actors: Vic Perrin
Genre: Science-Fiction
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Season 1 of The Outer Limits

    Episode : I, Robot  
    Episode 7: O.B.I.T.  
    Episode 18: ZZZZZ  

Season 2 of The Outer Limits

    Episode : The Heist  
    Episode : Afterlife  
    Episode : Paradise  
    Episode 1: Soldier  
    Episode 8: Wolf 359  
    Episode 9: I, Robot  

Season 3 of The Outer Limits

    Episode : Dark Rain  
    Episode : The Camp  
    Episode : Tempests  
    Episode : New Lease  

Season 4 of The Outer Limits

    Episode : The Hunt  
    Episode : Josh  
    Episode : Glyphic  
    Episode : Mary 25  
    Episode : Lithia  
    Episode : Monster  
    Episode : Nightmare  
    Episode : Black Box  

Season 5 of The Outer Limits

    Episode : Donor  
    Episode : The Grell  
    Episode : Joyride  
    Episode : Ripper  
    Episode : Tribunal  
    Episode : Summit  
    Episode : Descent  
    Episode : The Haven  
    Episode : Deja Vu  
    Episode : Stranded  

Season 6 of The Outer Limits

    Episode : The Gun  
    Episode : Skin Deep  
    Episode : Stasis  
    Episode : Glitch  
    Episode : Abaddon  
    Episode : The Grid  
    Episode : Revival  
    Episode : Zig Zag  
    Episode : Nest  

Season 7 of The Outer Limits

    Episode : Mona Lisa  
    Episode : Replica  
    Episode : Abduction  
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