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Watch The Ghost and Mrs Muir online: Episode 14 The Ghost and Christmas Past

Christmas is ringing in Schooner Bay, bringing that special ""spirit"" in everyone. Claymore discovers a baby in his car and brings the small boy to the Muir home, trying to decide what to do with the tot. Carolyn eagerly takes care of the baby thrilled with the cradle the Captain brings down out of the attic for him to sleep in. While Carolyn and Captain Gregg watch the baby fall asleep, Carolyn asks the Captain what his best Christmas had been. To which he replies, that his best Christmas could never be, because it is only a dream. As each family memember falls asleep, they each share the same dream. The time is set in the 1800's and Captain Gregg is alive just returning from sea to spend Christmas with his loved ones. Each dream becomes specialized according to the person --Jonathan dreaming of toys, Candy of the beauty of Christmas and Claymore getting a good haunting ala Charles Dickens 'A Christmas Carol.' Carolyn's dream takes a different turn as well, with a special time al

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