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Watch The Ghost and Mrs Muir online: Episode 5 Today I Am a Ghost

A particulary funny episode where the ghost of a seaman comes looking for his former Captain in dire need. It seems that even though Elroy has been dead for over a hundred years, he can't seem to get a handle on the haunting aspect of his existence. It seems that Elroy is afraid of people. The Captain is beyond himself it what to do with him. Not being able to stand him when he was alive, he isn't doing much better now that both him and his former crewman are both not alive; as Carolyn words it. Captain Gregg scares Elroy more than helps him and becomes frustrated with the bumbler so Carolyn takes a hand in helping the poor ghost learn to haunt. She assures Elroy that he can scare people, he just has to get the right kind of person to practice on. Claymore is the perfect candidate and after breaking a window to get the landlord to come up to Gull Cottage , she persuades Elwood to scare him out of his wits. Elroy is delighted with the results and goes off to haunt the house h

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