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Watch The Ghost and Mrs Muir online: Episode 10 The Monkey Puzzle Tree

In this touching episode, Carolyn decides that she can no longer live in Gull Cottage the way it is and must do a major renovation. After an initial disagreement over her plans, the Captain agrees to allow her to do what she wants ""even if it ruins Gull Cottage"", and she sets to work to make it less of a ship and more of a home. She removes antiques and replaces them with modern furniture, much to the Captain's chargrin. However, when she has his Monkey Puzzle Tree cut down, which had broken a window during a storm, the Captain disappears from Gull Cottage. A contrite Carolyn tries to tell him she is sorry, but Jonathan informs her that the Captain is gone. Everyone can feel the hollowness in the house, his abscence causes, even Martha and Candy who are not aware of his presense. Carolyn decides there is only way to have the Captain forgive her, so she replaces the tree. Captain Gregg is touched by her thougtfulness and all is well at Gull Cottage once again.

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