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Watch The Ghost and Mrs Muir online: Episode 8 Uncle Arnold the Magnificent

Carolyn's Uncle Arnold comes to visit just in time for Candy's birthday. A traveling salesman that indulges in magic tricks on the side, he was always a favorite of Carolyn's who remembers him as the uncle she rarely got to spend time with. Candy and Jonathan are delighted with him at first and Candy even asks her mother if she will talk Uncle Arnold into staying for her birthday party so he can perform some magic. But soon the children grow tired of his stale jokes and not so good tricks and try to think of away to get him to leave. When they complain to Carolyn that they love him but don't want him to come to the party after all, Uncle Arnold overhears and then tells Carolyn he can not stay, as business is calling him away. She knows that he overheard and tries to talk him out of it but to no avail. After talking to Carolyn trying to help her through the unhappiness she feels, Captain Gregg talks to Jonathan and reminds him that uncles are human and can not be tossed aside like

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