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Children's educational programme in which Auntie Mable and her dog Pippin fly in their spotted plane looking at and finding out how everyday things work.

Genre: Children
Imdb: click here
Season 1
    Episode 1: Geese  
    Episode 2: Spiders  
    Episode 3: Fish  
    Episode 4: Rabbits  
    Episode 5: Frogs  
    Episode 7: Buses  
    Episode 9: A Letter  
    Episode 11: Bricks  
    Episode 12: Sewage  
    Episode 13: Boots  
    Episode 15: Pencils  
    Episode 16: Brushes  
    Episode 17: Crisps  
    Episode 18: Carrots  
    Episode 19: Soap  
    Episode 23: Apples  
    Episode 24: Eggs  
    Episode 26: Bulbs  
    Episode 27: Water  
    Episode 28: Stones  
    Episode 29: Boxes  
    Episode 31: Snails  
    Episode 34: Wood  
    Episode 35: Paper  
    Episode 36: Clay  
    Episode 37: Rubbish  
    Episode 39: Bread  
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