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Watch Wedding Peach online: Episode 21 Ai Suredo Setsunaku/Loving, but it's painful

Yosuke knows, that it Vento that demon is, that makes it very unfortunately and locked. Even Momoko finds no access to it. Even the won soccer tournament prepares it no joy. Satania sends four strong demons into the world of the persons in order to get Vento so that he destroys that with them together the empire of the angels. The four dear angels fight against it, and they involve into a conversation. So they learn that the demons Yosukes father (that also a demon was in love, itself however into a human being has and then in the world of the persons lived has) abducted and killed. When Vento hears that, it becomes furiously on the demons and fights against it how it also its father did. Only Momokos intervention prevents that that destroys the demons. It sends would love waves of that so that the four demons abandon first of all and withdraw.

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