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Watch Wedding Peach online: Episode 9 Hitoribochi no Aitenshi/A Love Angel's loneliness

Because the attack of the demons becomes on the empire of the angels always stronger, the fourth dear angel - Scarlet Ohara, or Salvia - appears on the plan. But it is a problem: it does not want to fight with the other three together against the demons. And it wants to destroy it, wants to clean not like the Peach and its friends, its souls. But the angel Kiiro appears and says to to them that they can rescue only jointly the empire of the angels. Salvia wants to know therefrom nothing. Hiromi - or also Potamos - is Satania no longer strong enough. It is caught in its dear to Yooske and forgets its order. But Satania wants to get unconditionally the ""enchanting fours"" into the hands. So it sends the demon Vladia into the combat against the dear angels. But against the four, dear angel is also it impotent. Your soul is cleaned. Momoko makes itself thought. Is if Hiromi fallen in love so very in Yooske, she may interfere herself then and may win Yooske for itself?

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