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Watch Wedding Peach online: Episode 4 Rannyuu! Koi no Rival/Intrusion! A rival in love

Potamia receives the order of Satania to destroy the dear angels and to bring its the enchanting fours. Potamia slinks itself as a new student into the class of Momoko, Yuri and Hinagiku on. The three friends verabscheuen it of the first moment on because Potamia refined understands it to wake the boys to umgarnen and its protector instincts. To its characteristic astonishment, Potamia falls in love immortal with Yosuke. It yields no longer of the side to it and forgets at the same time perfectly its task. It cannot reciprocate its feelings and says its that its interest would count only the soccer game. Potamia feels knocked before the head and swears revenge. It calls the demons servants Shimoshimo to aid that persons to ice let harden. Momoko, Yuri and Hinagiku change itself into the dear angels and overcome the Shimoshimo with the waves the dear. Potamia notices, not diminished has and swears itself that its affections to Yosuke never to abandon. It wants to win it around

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