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Watch Wedding Peach online: Episode 3 Good bye Akuma-sama/Good-Bye, Devil-lord!

Takuro becomes through the power of Ignis the top athlete of the entire school. Hinagiku that is grown up with Takuro together and white how unsportsmanlike and weakly it is normally, becomes distrustful. Yuri, Momoko and it fasten itself it at the heel. Soon will become clear to them that it is possessed by Ignis. Potamia makes had lost Ignis the reproach, it its notorious cruelty and had become a weakling. Actually the living together with Takuro changed much in Ignis. It sees the things no longer through the glasses of the hate. When it is encountered also yet by the waves the dear, Potamia pricks it a dagger in the back. Shortly before it dies, it solves yet the pact with Takuro and frees it of the arm frost.

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