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Watch Wedding Peach online: Episode 2 Appare! Oironaoshi/Awesome! Oyonashi!

Amen returns Satania, its Gebieterin, report that it discovered the magic ring, one of that ""enchanting four"". To be sure the dead believed Kiiro made and Wedding Peach the procurement the wrestle previously impossibly. Whrenddessen try itself Momoko, Yuri and Hinagiku, in the Gerangel around the favor Kazujas mutually to over trump. That successfully is shielded however of Yosuke. When Momoko with an insult harangue wants to go off on Yosuke, it is encountered of a soccer and fells to ground. When she comes again to itself, she is found on the arms of Yosuke again. All scolding utilizes attends it nothing, Yosuke to it. When the three friends enter the classes room, all students and the teacher in sleep are transferred. Jamapi emerges and amen brings the ring that Momoko carries at the finger, into its possession. Jamapi transfers makes itself also Hinagiku and Yuri in sleep, and out of the dust. Momoko changes itself in Wedding Peach. Amen assesses struggle for acts itsel

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