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Set in 1970, a team of scientists decipher a mysterious signal from space and discover that it provides instructions to build a powerful super-computer. Once built, this computer provokes argument between two of leading team members, Fleming and Dawnay, over the machine's real intentions as it provides further instructions to create a living organism, which Dawnay starts to develop. Later it appears to compel lab assistant Christine to commit suicide, and when the organism is fully developed, it appears in the exact form of Christine, and named Andromeda. But what is the purpose of this "creature" ...?

Actors: Anthony Valentine, Julie Christie, Peter Henchey, Maurice Hedley, Esmond Knight, John Murray Scott, Patricia Kneale, Ernest Hare, Peter Ducrow, Donald Stewart, Jack May, Mary Morris, Geoffrey Lewis, Noel Johnson, Frank Windsor, David King, Peter Halliday, John Nettleton
Genre: Science-Fiction
Season 1
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