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The original series of the show followed Britannia Airways based at Manchester and London-Gatwick airports. The programme showed a lot of the action on-board the aircraft, with people such as Captain Peter Clack, BJ Albrich, Pat Baines, a lion, Kathy Duffy, Gerrie-Anne and others. The show was narrated by Charlie Higson.

Starting with the second series in 1999, the programme follows the staff such as Jane Boulton and passengers of easyJet, and is set mainly in Liverpool, London Luton and later Bristol and Newcastle airports. However, it occasionally follows passengers with interesting or unusual stories to their final destinations. Tony Robinson replaced Charlie Higson as voiceover.

Celebrities who have been seen on the show include Nick Knowles, Ricky Tomlinson and the British pop group Bucks Fizz. Some celebrity lookalike passengers include Sharon Stone and Sting.

Genre: Reality
    Episode 3: Fogbound  
Season 1
Season 11
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