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Watch Here Come the Brides online: Episode 19 One To A Customer

Adam Wilson, a Mormon, arrives in Seattle hoping to find several women to make his brides. He informs Jason of his plan and Jason says to go ahead but that none of the brides are Mormons and he doubts that any of them would want to share a husband. He introduces himself to Candy, Biddie, Anne, and Amanda and asks them to help him get settled by cooking and cleaning for him. They agree not knowing that his ulterior motive is to woo them. They go out walking with him and one of the lumber jacks goes running back to the camp to let their boyfriends know. Jeremy is out of town and Josh can't believe Candy would cheat on him. The loggers confront their women about being squired around town by a Mormon and they tell them they didn't know that he was one. The loggers have a good laugh about the women being taken in by Adam Wilson and the women get angry at being made fun of. They decide to pretend that they are interested in Adam and actually go so far as to go to him farmhouse to help him fi

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