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Watch Here Come the Brides online: Episode 12 After A Dream Comes Mourning

Can you believe it? Jason Bolt and his two brothers have been away from Seattle for more than half a year to bring back one hundred eligible ladies and... the men that they left behind FORGOT to build housing to accommodate the women!! This episode is told as a flashback as Biddie Cloom interviews Clancey in his ship about the first days after their arrival in Seattle. After a rousing celebration by the entire town, the men are about to have a congratulatory drink when Jason discovers that Big Swede and Corky forgot to build a dormitory. Realizing that lack of accommodation would be a great reason for the women not to stay and for them to lose their mountain, they hastily make plans to build a dormitory without letting the women know what's going on. In a delay tactic, Jason persuades Captain Clancey's navigator, Dimitri, to visit a nearby Russian settlement. This leaves Clancey without anyone familiar with navigating the West coast. Another part of Jason's plan includes taking the

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