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Watch Here Come the Brides online: Episode 2 A Crying Need

With the pressure of a large logging contract with a late penalty, the Bolt brothers would be busy enough, but the brides, led by Candy Pruitt, have put together a petition. The town must get a doctor or they will leave. Jason heads to San Francisco in search of a doctor. The only one he can find has excellent credentials, but is a woman, which in the mid-1800s was very rare. He extends her the offer out of desperation and they sail back to Seattle. In the meantime, Joshua and Jeremy have been running the logging camp. Jeremy dynamites a log jam and is severely injured. Dr. Wright returns in time to save his life. To thank her, Jason throws her a welcome party, but attendance is mixed: the loggers go only because Jason insisted that they go, but only two of the brides show up. Jason delivers an impassioned speech to the brides about their prejudice. Dr. Wright realizes that even in unconventional Seattle, there is still a lot of uneasiness about a woman doctor and decides to leav

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