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Where to watch E! True Hollywood Story
Want the inside scoop on Tinseltown's steamiest secrets? Watch E!'s Emmy-nominated documentary series for the real Story on the shows, the stars and the secrets of the Hollywood elite.

Actors: Mellissa Sue Andersen
Season 1
Season 2
Season 3
    Episode 6: Mr. T  
    Episode 8: Halston  
    Episode 9: Divine  
    Episode 52: CHiPs  
Season 4
    Episode 30: Dallas  
    Episode 45: Cheers  
Season 5
    Episode 6: Fabio  
Season 6
    Episode 3: Aaliyah  
    Episode 4: L.A. Law  
    Episode 5: Scream  
    Episode 6: Dynasty  
    Episode 24: Diner  
    Episode 28: Jaws  
    Episode 32: Tiffany  
Season 7
    Episode 33: Eminem  
Season 8
    Episode 1: Cher  
    Episode 23: 'N Sync  
Season 9
    Episode 5: Meg Ryan  
Season 10
    Episode 8: Blossom   
Season 11
    Episode 5: Pink  
    Episode 19: Friends  
    Episode 20: 24  
Season 12
    Episode 3: Brandy  
    Episode 7: The View  
Season 13
    Episode 23: Snooki  
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