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Watch Lucky online: Episode 3 Up the Steaks

A frazzled Theresa starts questioning her relationship with Lucky, feeling as if she is spending her nights with a compulsive gambler who has no clear goals. Lucky assures Theresa that if given some time to make a list, he could find some goals. After getting mugged at gunpoint by a masked figure and saved by a former gambler named Murray, Lucky has an epiphany: He'll no longer gamble. He'll work for Murray's company and sell meat. With Lucky's uncanny ability to decipher people, he's a natural salesman and quickly establishes Murray's meats as a staple around Las Vegas. The only problem is that the company's fiercest competitors, the Russo Brothers, aren't afraid to use intimidation to get sales. After a romantic dinner with Theresa is foiled by Russo's men, Lucky declares a ""meat war"" and vows that Murray's Meats will ultimately prevail. With Vinny and Mutha sabotaging Russo Brothers' meats all over town, restaurant after restaurant quickly shifts their loyalty back to Murray's Mea

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