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Watch Biography online: Episode 6 Bill Gates

From college dropout to the world's richest man, follow the amazing journey of the sultan of software. He dropped out of Harvard to build a software business. The company he founded is one of the biggest in the world, and his programs now run on 95% of computers. Bill Gates is an American icon for the silicon age, a tech nerd who turned his genius into the world's largest personal fortune, an entrepreneur who built a dominant company from the ground up according to his vision. From his privileged childhood to his recent battles with the Justice Department, BIOGRAPHY profiles the "Sultan of Software" through interviews with those who know him best, including his mother and father. Get a glimpse of Gates the businessman through the eyes of Microsoft Co-Chairman Steven Ballmer, while childhood and college friends offer a more personal portrait. From the birth of MS-DOS to his increasing ventures beyond the world of computing, this is a compelling profile of one of the most influential businessmen of the century.

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