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Risk Free Bet - World Cup

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Eric Bischoff is your ""host"" for this little field trip. Today, they are in Huntsville, Alabama, and Eric (standing outside the arena), points out a few of the semi-trucks that haul all the equipment from city to city. A total of 17 are needed for every facet of the production (lights, stage pieces, ring, etc.) The trucks usually begin arriving at the arena at about 7AM, but that depends on if the show is coming from the West coast or the East coast. He points out the big production truck, the nerve center of RAW. A graphic tells us that the truck took 6 months to build, costs about $12 million, and has a staff of around 30 people to make sure the show runs smoothly. Eric enters and meets with Marty, who mans the recording/replay area, where the feeds from every camera are recorded onto tape which allows the director to order up replays when he feels they are needed (it is a setup much like Monday Night Football's). In the main production area, there is a wall of monitors, including on

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