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This Week on Confidential: Vince McMahon explains why he hates Hulk Hogan. Piper vs. Goldust from WrestleMania XII will be featured this week. Plus John Cena tours Belfast, Ireland and Chris Nowinski returns to Harvard. Cover Story Supposedly this segment will cover Vince's steroid trial. Vince McMahon first met Hulk Hogan back during the Capital Wrestling days. Hogan was going by Sterling Golden, which was a horrible name, so Vince Sr. changed it to Hogan. Being Irish, Sr. would always take the opportunity to give his wrestlers Irish names. During his first run up North, Hogan was pushed as a heel due to his size. Once Vince stole him from Gagne, it was decided that Hogan had the charisma to be a babyface, even though he didn't look like one. Gagne had been doing the Hulkamania gimmick, but Vince was weary it would work on a national scale. This is why Hulkamania was born after Hogan already was over HUGE and won the WWF Title. Thus the new champion also had a new gimmick. Vince conce

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