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This week on Confidential: Sable's back and Trish is in a commercial. Gene reminds us of Sable's (dropped) $100 million lawsuit. Cover Story I can understand bringing back Roddy Piper and Bill Goldberg because they have name value. Sable on the other hand only had her looks going for her. Now she has nothing. She rambles on and on about not burning her bridges, just breaking them a little. I would hope that the WWE cameras don't zoom in on her face any more. Seriously, we don't need to see botched plastic surgeries during a wrestling program. She plans on winning back the respect of her co-workers. You know the ones she accused of shitting on her bags. She goes on to say that it is great there is an actual women's DIVISION in the WWE now. She likes to think that she helped pave the way for that. We get another Monoiales from Les Nouvelles. I'm not exactly sure if that is the proper way to phrase that sentence. I guess I have an excuse, seeing how I speak only one language. Segment 1: 0

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