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This week on Confidential: Roddy Piper speaks and Steve Austin is on ESPN. Gene recaps all of the major events from the last week (Austin's firing, Goldberg's debut, Sable's return). Now it seems like Vince is stealing ideas from TNA. A different surprise every week. The only difference is that TNA is usually able to prevent their surprises leaking out WEEKS before the actual show (see Goldberg, Bill and Nash, Kevin). Naturally, this leads Gene to WrestleMania's HOLY SHIT MOMENT... NO, not the failed Shooting Star Press... but Roddy Piper's return to the WWE. Roddy Piper has been wrestling for 33 years and has competed in over 7,000 matches. The story of how he debuted was simply that the guy who was supposed to job to Larry ""The Ax"" Hennig never showed up. So Piper was asked to do the job. Roddy went all out and had his pipe band play him to the ring. He lost the match in 10 seconds, which was a record at the Winnipeg Arena. The next week he went to Kansas City for another match and h

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