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This week on Confidential the WWE Superstars comment on the life and times of Curt Hennig. Cover Story Shawn Micheals- He first asked how and why this could happen to Curt at such a young age. Eric Bischoff- He felt numb when he heard because of how young and healthy Curt was. Ric Flair- Was surprised because Curt was not depressed, he had it all. Fit Finlay- Talked about how Curt came from a wrestling family. Gerald Brisco- Adds to what Finlay said. He also said that Curt possessed that natural instinct that all great wrestlers have. Edge- He had the whole package; the Perfect look. Ric Flair- He was one of the few guys that had both the talent and the charisma. Bruce Prichard- He will always remember the great Shawn Michaels-Curt Hennig matches for the Intercontinental Title. Including the one from SummerSlam 1993. Shawn Michaels- Curt is actually the guy that came up with the ""Heartbreak Kid"" moniker. He gave Shawn an identity as a singles wrestler. Steve Lombard

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