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This (Last) week on Confidential; Terri takes us behind the scenes of Raw X, the Booker T-LeVon Kirkland segment is recycled, and Andre vs. Big Show in a Fantasy Match. Gene welcomes us and talks about how great the Raw Anniversary was, besides the fact that Mae Young couldn't keep her hands off him. Thanks for the visual. Backstage at Raw X, Terri asks about people's wardrobes. Many clips follow. Favorite Raw Moments: Jeff Hardy: Getting speared by Edge on the first Raw on TNN. SpikeDudley: 1-2-3 Kid beating Razor Ramon. D-Von Dudley: Rocky ""This is Your Life"" Favorite Superstar: Jeff: Steve Austin Spike: Steve Austin More clips are shown as the guys discuss how it doesn't really feel like 10 years and how no one expected the show to last this long. Fortunately there wasn't actually footage of the Anniversary Show. As it was, this segment was bland, but still better than the debacle itself, which I'm shocked that they actually reran last night. I don't understand Vince's log

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