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Gene continues to talk out of his ass when he says that both himself and Bobby Heenan will be presenting the awards at Raw X. Someone in the WWE should probably tell Heenan that he will be doing this sometime before Tuesday night. Supposedly the awards will include Best Diva and Best Wrestler. My personal predictions: Stephanie McMahon and HHH. Seriously, if Sunny and Steve Austin do not win those awards I will be righteously pissed. Cover Story: The Four Horsemen This segment and the one later on are focusing on the original Horsemen, Arn, Flair, Tully, Ole, and Dillon. For whatever reason Ric Flair isn't here to comment on the faction, just Arn and Tully. Although he is gray and balding, Blanchard doesn't look half bad. Arn believes that the group was the best because it was the first. Tully on the other hand, attributes its success to the fan involvement. Flair was the flagship of the group, the Champ. Tully was the ring technician. Ole was just a tough SOB and Arn was the rookie.

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