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Cover Story This week Confidential decided to take a look back at the beginning of the WWF's stupidest booking EVER...why of course it must be the WCW buyout. Shane Helms discusses the rumors of a WWF buyout, while Lance Storm remembered hearing about Eric Bischoff buying the company. Some recycled footage from the Bischoff bio segment follow. Many wrestlers were sad that WCW would be closing, but Booker T thought of it as opening up another chapter in his career. Flair also considered the last Nitro to be a good night. He was ready to be rid of WCW and was happy about wrestling Sting one last time. Kidman remembers seeing the WCW agents being overseen by WWF personal, so everyone knew who was really calling the shots. Booker was planning on joining the WWF down the road anyhow, so this sort of made that transition a little easier. Steiner lies through his teeth when he says that he was glad WCW closed this way he could sign with the WWF again. Bull fucking shit. The guy sat on his a

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